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Phone: 323.423.7375


About Us

About Signature TC Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Services

Signature TC is a Los Angeles-based TC company providing real estate transaction coordinator services to clients looking for certified transaction coordinators for real estate agents in California. With the idea of implementing technology to assist real estate agents looking for the best real estate TC in Los Angeles and Southern California, we have made our services as virtual as possible by shifting all the transaction files to the cloud-based software and file storage. This enables us to provide virtual access to all Signature TC clients willing to track their transactions’ progress at their convenience—anytime, anywhere.

Our Vision

To become a preferred choice for real estate agents looking for dependable, licensed and certified real estate transaction coordinator in Southern California.

Our Mission

To provide consistent value and support to real estate agents by combining technology with skills and experience and support them with their long-term business goals.

Making transactions seamless and affordable for sellers and real estate agents with a team of licensed transaction coordinators

Signature TC hires licensed transaction coordinators having a fair understanding of the real estate industry and the transactions involved in each deal. We prefer individuals who have vast experience working in the area and possess essential skills that help reduce the complexities involved in real estate transactions and get the work done within the given time frame. That’s how we have become the most trusted company in Los Angeles for real estate transaction coordinator services.

Our expertise lies in our team’s dedication to providing the best value to our clients. To achieve that, we don’t mind walking that extra mile if we need to. At the same time, we have kept our price tags highly competitive so that any real estate seller or agent looking for reliable transaction assistance can reach out to us without thinking twice. Our goal is to support the real estate community in achieving their targets by unlocking their best potential, which is only possible by allowing them to use their time and resources in areas that need the most attention. We make it happen by reducing the transaction-related tasks and costs for our clients, allowing them to attain their goals and earn more profits.